Woodshop Storage Solutions: 16 Projects for Maximizing Your Workspace (Popular Woodworking)

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This is a great idea for do it yourselfers that like to remodel rooms by painting or adding wallpaper.

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Just make sure you place the legs of each sawhorse on level ground to prevent the makeshift scaffold from tipping over. You also want each sawhorse to be at least three feet tall. Some do it yourselfers have already considered using two sawhorses to create a portable workbench.

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With a thick plank of hardwood, secure clamps to both ends to hold objects into place sanding and varnishing. You can also stabilize each of the sawhorse legs to have a permanent area to complete woodworking projects.

From Garage to Shop - The Wood Whisperer

As a plumber, you understand that you often work in tight spaces. By using two sawhorses, you can build a U shaped support made out of wood measuring one two by six and two two by fours. Then, secure the pipe by placing a third two by four on top. Many construction projects do not require a workbench on site. By developing the right design, you can position two sawhorses apart at the appropriate distance to create a mobile space that reduces the amount of clutter around you.

Just add a plywood plank and secure each end with metal braces. Place two thin wooden planks or metal strips across two sawhorses and have created the ideal platform for drying everything from newly stained cabinets to pieces of trim you plan to install around a room. You can even use the drying rack as a work surface to maximize your productivity. Many woodworking projects are performed solo. How do you let people know that you are working?

The answer lies in the handy sawhorse. Place several sawhorses around your work area and cordon off the area by running rope through each sawhorse. This idea also works for construction workers applying their skills in high traffic areas. Did you use your sawhorses as a drying rack?

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If you did, then it takes little time and effort to turn the drying rack into a cutting board for woodworking projects. Place smaller boards underneath the large piece of wood you want to cut for use as a section for a piece of furniture. Why run the risk of hurting your back by stooping over to reach power tools, when you can use two sawhorses to build a platform for tool storage. The new platform also provides you with quick access to your cell phone.

Enjoy a break from work in style by placing a wide and long piece of plywood over two sawhorses. The new table allows you to dine in comfort, as well as offer a convenient place to store plates and utensils. The workday is over and you want to unwind. You can even put your feet up for the ultimate in relaxation. If you attended a woodworking seminar, you probably walked away amazed at the mastery of the craft the host demonstrated throughout the seminar.

There is just one small problem with live woodworking demonstrations. With YouTube ruling search engine results, it is not a surprise to find a rapidly growing number of woodworking aficionados turning to the online video platform to improve their woodworking skills or to get the latest info on new drill bits, sawhorses , and other woodworking products. However, the following six top woodworking channels on YouTube also accomplish another important feat. With informative, high-quality tutorials on a variety of woodworking projects, Stumpy Nubs is one of our favorite YouTube channels.

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Recent uploads cover making wooden countertops, a dovetailed drawer, and a storage bench. The Wood Whisperer. You probably have heard about how the Dog Whisperer can speak to dogs using a hushed voice.

Woodshop Storage Solutions: 16 Projects for Maximizing Your Workspace (Popular Woodworking) Review

Does that mean wood whisperer Marc Spagnoula actually speaks in a hushed voice to pieces of wood We are not sure, but we do know one thing: Marc does a great job of sharing his woodworking knowledge by presenting his information in easy to understand lessons. As a master woodworker, Jimmy Diresta is one of the leading experts on using a bandsaw.

He works with a wide variety of materials, which helps woodworkers of all talent levels expand their creativity. Jimmy embodies the spirit of incorporating plenty of education into Zen-like presentations that keep the focus of viewers on the beautiful projects he finishes during each video. He speaks clearly and often repeats various steps in a woodworking project to ensure his viewers understand what he has accomplished.

Woodworkers Guild of America. Instead of featuring the work of one master woodworker, Woodworkers Guild of America presents the world class projects completed by some of the most accomplished woodworkers around the globe. You not only learn a large number of different techniques; you also expand your creative vision by watching master craftsman produce innovative and functional woodworking products.

The rapidly growing YouTube channel had more than , subscribers as of June , with a large portion of the subscriber base looking to start their own online woodworking businesses. Frank does not just produce YouTube videos about woodworking. He treats his video productions with the meticulous care that a Hollywood producer treats a prime time television show. Frank combines creative camera techniques with slow motion animation to present clear images of how he completes woodworking projects. Can a year old man compete with the seasoned woodworking professionals on this list?

The answer is yes, if the young man is Alex Harris. Harris exudes enthusiasm during every woodworking project he completes on his YouTube channel. Passing along the joy of woodworking to viewers is a vital component of attracting more woodworking fans to the popular hobby. Alex uses a tutorial format for conveying his knowledge about woodworking.

He also uses easy to understand terms by staying away from highly technical woodworking jargon. Some fans called Alex the McGyver of woodworking, which makes since considering he recently cobbled together a wristwatch by working with two pieces of scrap wood. A hall tree is a versatile piece that can go in virtually any room in your home, increase your storage, and if you build it yourself, be customized to meet your exact needs. The plans we have here, designed by popular woodworker and YouTuber Stumpy Nubs , are designed for anyone who calls themselves a woodworker.

This project will build upon basic circular saw skills and help you familiarize yourself with a router to create dados for joinery. Because it requires only a few tools, even makers without a full workshop can build a high-quality piece. Additionally, you can use common materials available at any home center. In previous videos, we learned how to create dados without special tools so we could construct a sturdy bookcase with hidden storage , as well as basic drawer construction to build a washer dryer storage pedestal.

These limited tool builds make it easy to craft sturdy pieces with just a few basic tools you already have. Scroll down for the free project plans to build your own hall tree. Part 1 will guide you through breaking down and prepping your materials; Part 2 will walk you through the assembly process. Follow Stumpy Nubs on YouTube for hundreds more tips, tricks, tutorials, and more to help you improve your skills, increase your knowledge, and become a better woodworker.

Posted in Project Plans. Summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year — a time for vacations and the long-awaited sun — but it definitely has its pros and cons. On the one hand, the sun is out, the kids are home, and time is devoted to getting outside and spending time with family.

With that in mind, here are five easy Fourth of July projects you can build in a weekend or less. This Wooden Flag build from John Builds It takes you through the entire project so you can create one of your own with ease.

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This patriotic piece looks great year-round and makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays. Check out this article from Woodworkers Journal for an introspective and informative view of building one, plus free plans you can use to make your own Memorial Flag Display. Take advantage of the ready-to-use templates included in the plans to tackle the wavy shape like a pro. Another great project for any military friends or family is this Coin Display from Penalty Box Woodshop.

If you or a family member has a military uniform yet to be displayed, building a Military Uniform Display Case can be a rewarding project. And any furniture that is sturdy enough to withstand years of use and abuse is way too expensive. The happy medium of affordable and durable? Building your own furniture. Even with limited skills and tools, you can create some high-quality pieces to be proud of. This build will teach you some new joinery — a step up from the absolute basics. Scroll down to get the free project plans for this washer and dryer storage unit. Make sure to watch the accompanying Stumpy Nubs video for extra tips and tricks to help you with this limited tool build.

Language Bora Tool Store View. Home News. About the Pro Tool Innovation Awards The Pro Tool Innovation Awards PTIA are an annual awards program judged by a panel of professional tradesmen and trade media representatives in the electrical, plumbing, MRO, and concrete fields as well as landscaping professionals, general contractors, and builders.

About sautershop Since , sautershop has been a specialized retailer of woodworking tools for woodworkers at all levels—from professional carpenters and contractors to serious hobbyists to DIYers and beginners. Increases Work Space Wherever you work your home improvement magic, chances are there are several areas that could be better utilized. Time Saver High-quality sawhorses that include wood holders gives you more options for cutting wood. Stability Read reviews of high-quality sawhorses and a common theme emerges: Incredible stability.

Specifically a Kenworth or Peterbuilt. Woodworkers Guild is listed on the Internet as having these however I am having trouble locating them?

Thanks for checking in with us on this. I do not believe that we have ever published anything on building a toy truck. I want the plans but am unable locate the free plans on your web site. I really want to make this workbench. I already have the top built. Can you help me locate it? Hi Norman.