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Concerns have been raised about integration and unemployment among immigrants in Sweden, and Social Democrat Justice Minister Morgan Johansson said this was part of the reason. Good opportunities to language teaching and education are a prerequisite for getting a foot on the labour market and in society at large.

At the same time, it is important that the requirements are drawn up fairly, are legally safe and fulfil their purpose," he said in a statement. However, there was a fairly even split, with others arguing that not all foreigners need to learn the native language and suggesting English should instead be accepted as a second language in Sweden.

You can read a full report here.

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Overall, most of the respondents at the time cautioned against a one-size-fits all policy. Several readers said that if changes were made to how citizenship is granted, it would be best to weigh different factors on a case-by-case basis, taking into account whether the individual had personal relationships or a job in Sweden. We would be happy to hear from more of you, so please feel free to email news thelocal. The inquiry is also set to propose new ways of making it harder for parents to renounce their children's Swedish citizenship, to protect children at risk of being taken abroad to marry against their will.

It is also to look at ways of making it harder for young immigrants with a serious criminal record to become citizens. The final report is to be presented to the government by May 1st, , with the part relating to the language and civics test presented as early at October 15th, It would then be in the hands of the government whether or not to act on the report or when to do it, and perhaps propose a legal bill to parliament.

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So there is no confirmed date at the moment for when the reforms, if they go ahead, would come into force. The government's instructions specifically say that the inquiry must not propose any changes to Sweden's constitution. This means that there will be no proposals to make it possible to withdraw citizenship for people with dual nationality, something the more right-wing Moderates and Sweden Democrats have called for. Sweden has granted 33, new citizenships between January and October this year, with the vast majority 22, given to Syrians, followed by people from Afghanistan 2, and the United Kingdom 2, Sweden's news in English Search.

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What we know about Sweden's potential language tests for new citizens The Local. This friend committed what social scientists refer to as selective observation Noticing only patterns that one has experienced directly or wishes to find.

Mikkelson, B. Her mother was the authority, after all. Without questioning what we think we know to be true, we may wind up believing things that are actually false. This is most likely to occur when an authority A socially defined source of knowledge. The definition for authority provided here comes from the following source: Adler, E. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Other common authorities we might rely on in this way are the government, our schools and teachers, and our churches and ministers. Although it is understandable that someone might believe something to be true because someone he or she looks up to or respects has said it is so, this way of knowing differs from the sociological way of knowing, which is our focus in this text.

As a science, sociology relies on a systematic process of inquiry for gaining knowledge. That process, as noted earlier, is called research methods. For now, simply keep in mind that it is this source of knowledge on which sociologists rely most heavily. In sum, there are many ways that people come to know what they know. These include informal observation, selective observation, overgeneralization, authority, and research methods.

Table 1. Of course, some of these ways of knowing are more reliable than others. Being aware of our sources of knowledge helps us evaluate the trustworthiness of specific bits of knowledge we may hold. Thinking about what you know and how you know what you know involves questions of ontology and epistemology. Ontology An analytic philosophy concerning the nature of reality. Other sociologists feel that, while people may differ in their perception of reality, there is only one true reality.

These sociologists are likely to aim to discover that true reality in their research rather than discovering a variety of realities. Like ontology, epistemology An analytic philosophy concerning how we know what we know. But rather than dealing with questions about what is, epistemology deals with questions of how we know what is. In sociology, there are a number of ways to uncover knowledge. We could avoid face-to-face interaction altogether by mailing people surveys for them to complete on their own or by reading what people have to say about their opinions in newspaper editorials.

All these are ways that sociologists gain knowledge.

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Again, McConnell has been talking as though there will be a real trial, but means are available to cut it short, as Democrats tried to do during the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. Trump reportedly favors that strategy. But in a November 21 meeting between White House representatives and Senate Republicans after two weeks of public testimony in the House, sentiment for at least a pro forma trial prevailed, and a tentative plan for a two-week trial was agreed upon. If necessary for some reason, another way to cut things short would be a motion to adjourn, which could pass on a party-line vote.

Indeed, during the Senate trial of Andrew Johnson in , the Senate did just that after the president was acquitted on three articles of impeachment; no votes were held on the remaining eight articles.

What We Know — and Don’t Know — About Trump’s Potential Impeachment Trial

Regardless of how it begins or ends, the trial itself is governed by standing Senate rules , last modified in They are largely based on precedents set in the Andrew Johnson trial. The basic idea is that articles of impeachment are presented to the Senate by House impeachment managers, and are then disputed by counsel for the president, with senators observing but not becoming directly involved other than by written questions submitted to one or both of the parties. Witnesses are called and cross-examined according to protocols and timelines adopted by the Senate just before the trial begins on a majority vote.

During the Clinton impeachment proceedings, they were somewhat miraculously adopted by unanimous consent , in part because the outcome of the trial was in zero doubt.

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Even though the outcome of a Trump trial may also be preordained e. One aspect of the trial procedure as spelled out by the standing rules was alluded to by McConnell in his discussions with his Republican colleagues this week:. But as Bob Bauer observed at Lawfare blog, there are ways around that problem for a devious operator like McConnell:.

From the perspective of the Constitution and the standing Senate rules, they can run their mouths all they want before and after the trial.

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Several, including Sens. This question is of particular importance to the Democratic senators currently six of them who are running for president. McConnell has warned his troops they should be ready to begin a trial by Thanksgiving, though of course, he has zero control over the key factor: when the House passes articles of impeachment.

With the House now considering Xmas as the practical deadline for ending its part of the impeachment-and-removal process, the Senate is looking at a January trial, and as noted above, is mulling a two-week proceeding. That would make the trial significantly shorter than its predecessors, as I recently observed :. Ten days later the Senate voted predictably to acquit on two other articles, and subsequently voted for general acquittal and adjournment. But at this point, Senate Republicans as a whole plan to protect their president while at least minimally complying with traditional procedures.

This post has been updated to reflect new developments.