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This fantastic book includes month-by-month forecasts and all you need to know to find out what is in store for you in the year ahead. This popular guide contains all you need to know about your personal horoscope for the year Be prepared for the forthcoming year with monthly predictions for your sign and discover how to maximise your opportunities and potential to make the most of More about the author.

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope 18th November 2019 - think afresh about home needs...

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Enough so that i flushed 6 yrs down the drain and never looked back. It was a major dealbreaker for me. There is no point in it for me. Oh I have been there, just like I left after Alouetta said….. Great business partners, good friends, good coparents, but no romantic connection, no emotional closeness. Over and done. Hurt like hell. I was just offering some words of gratitude…thanks man for being here sort of words for someone I look up to.

His shitty little reply was so craptastic tonight………. Remind me to keep my heartfelt gratitude to myself next time. Some things must be made to say silently I guess. Going to go lick wounds now. Yes, not you at all. He probably had a bad day or issues you know nothing about.

Hopefully he reflected on it later. Some people just have no grace! He must feel fairly lowly about himself if he is not able to accept the gift of a compliment with gratitude. Agree with Sphinx — not your problem. They kinda put off their bday celebration? Thanks for the reaffirmation. I kept going, I just wanted to thank in person. Things are better now tonight. How appropriate for this Truth Serum full moon, right? Now you know: nothing there to be grateful for. Save your energy, pull the weed. I was grateful for my life.

I wonder if i am better off dead. You are not better off dead. It actually feels like April was spose to feel like. You are cardinal too?

Scopes been sayin l should get another job. It aint easy. Any difficulty can overwhelm; hang in there. What is? So i still have to see him to tonight. You did it all, gorgeous! A person though still needs luminaries. They still need impetus, fuel, inspiration…something driving them.

My works between — show that. Sadly, they sell the best. That stuff is gorgeous to look at and powerful, but the newer stuff is different.

Hey universe loves you. The arts is full of confusion, everyone always grasping at something beyond themselves, plus you have the whole history of the artist outsider, and ocassional geniune madness, massive egos and posturing to contend with. I can barely stand one date.

Taurus 2014

I am also an artist and this is my first swing as a patron of the arts. Things are just fucked but fucked has always been what I regard as normal. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. I hear you sisters.

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I hear you. It actually cripples me and makes the guy act like a psycho freak… One day my freak frog will come along and we can croak and hop and fly our ugly freak flags high and giggle at barbie and ken trying to keep up the stepford verneer of botoxed normalcy. I have natal Venus Leo 24, 1st house opposite natal Saturn Aquarius 29, 7th house. This current Venus Saturn opposition is leaving me wondering about interpersonal relationships not just I have, but in a more general way….

When I was younger I thought I was very odd to be so.. But now I feel very true to myself for behaving as I did. Why be lighthearted if it is not your way!? I am gem Asc but with moon in Scorp I am lighthearted like a bulldozer. So serious and deep. Merc in Capricorn too. No wonder we had a connection. Just try and outstare them. I have Saggo moon trine Venus in Libra — a good conversation and witty repartee always works for me.

This is very accurate for me too. Light and fluffy Saggo rising, but Scorp Moon is like lead balloon. Nobody seems to enjoy the intensity of it.

I like Scorp intensity. I like to outstare them. I only got Jup n Nep in Scorp. No 8house. Maybe my Aries SN. Must be lots of nonScorp influence.

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I reckon l must have it. I knew a guy with low libido — he had Saturn square venus in Scorp in 12th. Scorp is a sign of extremes. And it gets its share of a sexual reputation, but it is also a sign of severe restraint, as in being able to be chaste to the extreme. I reckon they could give Caps a good run of who can withold more. We had mad flirtation fr April to Oct last year.

She was Xtremely chaste much to my annoys. I love that word.

Venus Saturn Opposition Relationship Reality Checkpoints | Mystic Medusa Astrology

Hey Scorpbot. I have had an inordinate amount of male friends over the years, who are Scorp, who are like that. So your Cap influence adds restraint. I understand that. Im not a Sun sign by cliche either. One thing that truly is Kat about me is that I hate to offend.

Ii gives me something to correct about myself. I know what you mean about Scorp men. My Saggo moon lifts me from the doldrums every now and then.