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Composed as a travel story from the point of view of the cadaver, this study offers a full-blown cultural history of death and dissection, with insights that easily go beyond the history of anatomy and the specific case of Belgium. From acquisition to disposal, the trajectories of the corpse changed under the influence of social policies, ideological tensions, religious sensitivities, cultures of death and broader changes in the field of medical ethics.

Anatomists increasingly had to reconcile their ways with the diverse meanings that the dead body held. To a certain extent, as this book argues, they started to treat the corpse as subject rather than object. Interweaving broad historical evolutions with detailed case studies, this book offers unique insights into a field dominated by Anglo-American perspectives, evaluating the similarities and differences within other European contexts. She shows that, to understand the hitherto little studied transition from body snatching and the shame of dissection to voluntary donation in the service of science, we must follow both anatomists and prospective cadavers as they move through the physically and socio-politically transforming city: from hospital beds and dissection halls to political arenas and burial grounds.

This ground-breaking book argues that democratic politics and egalitarian attitudes — from the rise of consent in clinics to less punitive approaches to poverty — forced change on anatomy around JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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A live performance video of "Nobody" at M! Countdown was for some period of time the most viewed K-pop video on YouTube, until being surpassed on September 1, by the music video for " Gee " by Girls' Generation. The live performance was also the first K-pop video to reach 50 million views on YouTube in The single became very successful in the countries where it was released, entering charts in South Korea , China and the United States. The song first appeared on their first mini-album The Wonder Years: Trilogy , including a remix and instrumental versions.

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  3. Wodurch unterscheiden sich rechtlich die Außen- und Innengesellschaft als Formen der Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts? (German Edition).

The single became a smash hit on all Korean charts, and sold 4,, digital downloads in South Korea alone. The group's official Myspace stated that an English version of "Nobody" would be released in the United States sometime in , serving as their debut single there, [3] with JYP Entertainment confirming the release in June Wonder Girls have set up an official YouTube account and it includes the English version of music video itself.

‘Nobody lies about their dad’ – writers and rock stars reflect on their fathers

On the October 31, issue of Billboard Hot , the single debuted at number The single became the best-selling physical single of the year in the United States, and topped the Year-End Chart of the Billboard Hot Single Sales which indicates the official physical singles chart. EP contained Japanese versions of their songs, while DVD included their music videos and live performances. Various remixes of "Nobody" were produced for various award shows and end-of-year specials.

At the M. The rest of the remixes debuted at the Golden Disk Awards, which showcased each Wonder Girl performing a short clip of a unique "Nobody" remix. On October 11, , the official American remix of the song was released. At the end of October, the group briefly used the "Rainstone Remix" of the song. On 8 August , they reprised this song with instrumental version in conjunction with their comeback as a 4 members band group at You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook.

In , "Nobody" was used in the film Penguins of Madagascar. Wonder Girls were the only Korean group to be invited at the event as one of the performing artists, aside from opening act, Code-V.

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The music video begins with Park Jin-Young performing a Motown -style concert with the Wonder Girls as his backup singers. After the show, a couple of record executives give Park sheet lyrics to the song "Nobody", which he prepares to debut on his next show during the s. Minutes before his show begins, Park is in the men's restroom using a toilet stall when he realizes that there is no toilet paper available.

As he frantically calls for help, everyone on stage begins to wonder where he is as the show starts. The executives then motion the Wonder Girls to bring their microphone stands forward and take center stage.

At the end of their performance, Park finally appears on stage to congratulate the group for their performance. While the song plays, the video becomes a montage of the group's career progressing to superstardom. At the end of the video, Park enters another toilet stall and sees that there is toilet paper available. Unfortunately for him, he pulls the last sheet off the dispenser and once again has to call for help.

Sohee in white shades folds the newspaper. Then, it reveals that the Wonder Girls are in an airplane. The screen pans from left to right, showing the members in neon dresses: Sunye in green, Hyelim in blue, Yoobin in orange, Yeeun in yellow, and Sohee in pink. As the airplane side slides down, the member walk out from the stairs to be greeted by paparazzi.

The girls walk past the paparazzi forward to a stage. The back of the stage slides closed.

Bill Griffith - Nobody's Fool: The Life and Times of Schlitzie the Pinhead | Third Place Books

Yoobin begins with "it'll never change" and the song begins with the girls dancing with their microphone stands. After Sohee's second verse and during Yeeun's chorus, it pans out to show a black-and-white TV showing the Nobody music video. A family is watching and dancing to Nobody in one room and switches to another room with two ladies dancing along. The TV is zoomed in to see the girls in changed dresses and hairstyles.

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The girls are in upgraded golden dresses similar to the ones in their version. The stage changed to have a live band, a pianist to the left, and four background singers to the right. The song continues with Yeeun and Sunye sharing the chorus leading to Yeeun's high note, then Sunye's ad libs. The song ends with Yoobin's rap and a pose with the microphones. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.