Torrid Tales: Part 1 (Torrid Tales: Gay Lust)

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Comics in this issue included:.


Gay Comix 9 was a special issue of the collected cartoons of Jerry Mills, titled Poppers. The cover illustration was done by Peter Keane. The cover illustration was by Brad Parker. The cover illustration was by Michael Goldberg. Gay Comix 14 was published in Winter by Bob Ross. It was the first to be edited by Andy Mangels.

As of issue 14, Gay Comix was to be moved to a regular quarterly publishing schedule, as opposed to the yearly and sporadic schedule it had kept up until that point. This was also the last issue to be titled Gay Comix ; later issues were spelled Gay Comics. Mangels changed the title to Gay Comics in part to divest it of the " underground " implications of "comix".

The cover was designed by Roberta Gregory. In addition to the regular issues, there were special issues, the first devoted to Leonard and Larry, a strip by Tim Barela.

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Gay Comix 3 contained letters from readers. Not all letters were positive. I found no laughter, and was in fact depressed by a few of the stories. Gay life, even in big cities, is hard enough without having to be reminded of it in a magaine [sic] that presents itself as a hopefully lighthearted view of our wonderful life. White also allowed that since those who submitted to Gay Comix would be presumed gay or bisexual, [5] Cruse had a smaller than average pool or comic artists to draw from.

Also historically significant is that Alison Bechdel, one of the most well-known lesbian comic artists alive saw Gay Comix as an inspiration for her own work. In the Comics Journal No. It hadn't occurred to me at that point to put together my penchant for silly drawings with my personal life and my political interest in gay and lesbian issues, but there were these people who were doing it: Howard Cruse and Roberta Gregory and all those early Gay Comix artists I'm very grateful to them for all that groundbreaking work.

Gay Comix Gay Comix later Gay Comics is an underground comics series published from — featuring cartoons by and for gay and lesbian men and women. For general discussion of gay themes in comic books, see LGBT themes in comics. Gay Comix 1 Sept. Art by Rand Holmes.

Rothschild, p. Gay Comics. Plume; New American Library.

Table of Contents

Schreiner, Dave. Kitchen Sink Press, Ringgenberg, Steve. Fantagraphics Books, Gay Comix 4. Edited by Howard Cruse. November White, Ted. Slade, Joseph W. Pornography and sexual representation: a reference guide. Greenwood Publishing Group. Gay Comix 1. September Gay Comix 2. Gay Comix 3. December Gay Comix 5 Edited by Robert Triptow. Gay Comix 7 Edited by Robert Triptow. Spring Gay Comix 8 Edited by Robert Triptow. Summer I had committed to attending this bigwig shing ding. A woman of my word, here I was attired in a black tight short dress, showing off my bodily charms with my reddish brown hair more than an accessory.

I was within 10 feet of the beckoning door when I was broadsided by one of the penguin-suited guests. I was nose to nose with an interesting pair of dismayed hazel eyes. His voice had a trained smooth quality, a slight northern twang. He reluctantly let his hands slide away from my waist, not moving. Smiling at me, his lips framed words but before they could escape, he was surrounded by a war party of blondes armed with silicone.

I watched in amusement and surprise, as he seemed put out to be leaving.

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Eavesdropping, I heard someone mention that a good-looking Yankee was visiting someone, and how she would love to spread some southern charm all over him. Was it my bumper guy, I wondered? If so then, poor fellow, some one should warn him or at least give him a box of condoms along with a tetanus shot.

Looking as good as possible, I returned to the party at hand and found my date drooling over a peroxide princess. Relieved, I rescued some champagne. Sipping it, I rested my eyes on Mr. Demolition Derby. I looked at him discreetly over my champagne glass. Handsome was not the proper term one should use to describe him.

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He was of medium build in great shape. Short, close cropped, dark hair flecked with gray, a man of around forty something. His smile brightened the whole room, hinting of mischief and humor. I found him extremely sexy, but would deny it if asked. Suddenly, his sparkling eyes were on me, causing me to look away, feeling guilty, as if caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

Escaping his stare, I ventured over to the banquet table to examine its fine foods decorated with melon carvings and ice sculptures. I felt his presence before he spoke. I took the glass and smiled thanks. I would probably get black balled, regardless of the fact that I am a super hero.

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Or do you work alone? This was a very boring party. He had diversion written across that kissable forehead. The band struck up a tune. I grabbed his arm.

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His arms pulled me closer than the usual stranger would. I felt heady and giddy, dancing with him. We could do nothing but smile at each other.

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I laughed, titling my head back, my hair bouncing around my face. Raw desire was unveiled in his eyes for an unguarded moment. My breath caught. A heat ran through my body like fire down a trail of gasoline.

His grip on me tightened. I could feel him stirring against my lower stomach. My panties dampened, knowing this. I pulled away slightly to look at him. He pulled me back, pressing me even closer than before. I shivered in response. An uncharacteristic animalistic urge took control of me. I wanted him badly, urgently and now.

I pushed against him, feeling him harden to another degree. A gasp escaped his lips.

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We stopped dancing looking intently at each other. In that instance I let karma take her spontaneous hand to guide us off the dance floor, through the front entrance, towards the valet parking. His hand was on my elbow very possessively.