The Origins of Music (European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music)

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Handbook of Music and Emotion. In Juslin, P. In Schuler, N. Helsinki, Finland: Atena Kustannus. Musiikki ja tunteet.

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Music, Medicine, Health, and Cognition: A Resource List - Society for Ethnomusicology

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Cross-cultural approach in music cognition. Music therapy methods in the treatment of gambling addiction.

Music and the Brain

Categorising folk melodies using similarity ratings. Expectancy-based model of melodic complexity. Woods, C. Heinonen, Y. The Beatles and their times. Thoughts on the relative autonomy of stylistic change.

Music cognition

In Beatlestudies 2: History, Identity, Authenticity. Songwriting, recording, and style change. Problems in the chronology and periodization of the musical style of the Beatles. In Beatlesstudies 1. Conference Paper Eerola, T. Saari, P. Prague, IEEE, Tuuri, K. Copenhagen, Denmark, Springer, Utrecht, Netherlands, Laurier, C. A review of approaches, models and stimuli used in music and emotion studies, 7th Triennial Conference of European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music.

Sapporo, Japan, Sapporo, Japan, University of Hokkaido, Hokkaido, Sapporo, University of Hokkaido, Hokkaido, Espoo, Philadelphia, PA, Conference Proceeding Toiviainen, P.

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Visualization in comparative music research. The effect of memory in inducing pleasant emotions of musical and pictorial stimuli. Harvard Dataverse. Journal Article Maksimainen, Johanna P. SAGE Open 9 3 : Lameira, A. Coupled whole-body rhythmic entrainment between two chimpanzees and the origins of human dance. Interpersonal entrainment in Indian instrumental music performance: Synchronization and movement coordination relate to tempo, dynamics, metrical and cadential structure. Musicae Scientiae 23 3 : Interpersonal entrainment in music performance: Theory and method.

Psychomusicology: Music, Mind, and Brain 29 : The role of hedonics in the Human Affectome.

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The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 71 1 : Cespedes-Guevara, J. Music communicates affects, not basic emotions — A constructionist account of attribution of emotional meanings to music. Royal Society Open Science 5 2 : Bannister, S.

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Frontiers in Psychology - Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience 9 : The effect of memory in inducing pleasant emotions with musical and pictorial stimuli. Scientific Reports 8 1 : Explaining the enjoyment of negative emotions evoked by the arts: The need to consider empathy and other underlying mechanisms of emotion induction. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40 : Frontiers in Digital Humanities, section Digital Musicology 4 : 9.

Garrido, S.

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