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Our Optimism Bias—the expectation that things will pan out well, even in the face of negative past experiences—is good for our emotional wellbeing, and it allows mankind to undertake daring and bold endeavours… but if we're trying to plan a realistic project schedule, it can work against us.


Planning Fallacy factor two is overconfidence: the well-established feedback loop which tells us that being upbeat about our ability or progress is always a Good Thing. In a competitive and fast moving world, it's beneficial to make bold claims, super positive self-assessments, and generally present a glass half full message—even if we know that the glass actually has a chip on the edge, a crack down the middle, and the drink inside probably should have been chucked out weeks ago for Health and Safety reasons. The danger of overconfidence is that we start to believe our own hype, and lose sight of where we truly are on the schedule.

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One member of your team upon whom you can rely for percent honest feedback is the one who—after the dust has settled and the project is complete—will depend on your recommendation for future contracts. The massive gains which come with a wide range of participants and specialist expertise are at risk of being undermined by the logistical challenges which accompany the ultimate reassembly of all this input into a coherent whole. Coordination neglect—underestimating the complexity of putting together the rich data and insight you've received from across your team—can be a major stumbling block in successfully making your deadline.

A freelance support can be invaluable in working around some of the difficulties here. We are well used to the process of coordinating multiple inputs, and can provide excellent collaboration in designing a schedule and a system that allows work to be done in the right order, and received by the right people at the right time, minimising re-work and delays. The fourth crunch factor which blows your deadline is that old desk enemy, procrastination. This is another way in which utilising freelance support can really speed things up: when you hire someone to work specifically on your project writing, editing or proofreading your reports, for example they are completely focused on your work.

Freelance support for your project can make a crucial positive difference to planning your workflow and managing your timeline and budget—by contributing experience, rigour, an external perspective, and uninterrupted focused energy, moving the project forward on time, on budget. My next blog post examines a simple but brilliant technique proven to deliver accurate budget and planning predictions, slaying the Planning Fallacy forever!

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How I Can Help You. Style Guide. Book Summaries. By phone or email. Privacy Policy. Last time, we examined the four main challenges which always seem to pop up when planning projects: being over-optimistic about the likelihood that all will go to plan being overconfident about your capacity or speed underestimating the complexity of pulling together the whole project the inertia of everyday working life: procrastination, procrastination, procrastination Warning: spin might send your planning off track The Green Book Mindset This all sounds amazing, right?

Blog RSS. First Name. Marshall McLuhan did this.

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Make new words. Expand the lexicon. The new conditions demand a new way of thinking. The thinking demands new forms of expression. The expression generates new conditions. Think with your mind. Forget technology. Creativity is not device-dependent. Real innovation in design, or any other field, happens in context.

That context is usually some form of cooperatively managed enterprise.

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Frank Gehry, for instance, is only able to realize Bilbao because his studio can deliver it on budget. By maintaining financial control, we maintain creative control. Listen carefully. Every collaborator who enters our orbit brings with him or her a world more strange and complex than any we could ever hope to imagine. By listening to the details and the subtlety of their needs, desires, or ambitions, we fold their world onto our own.

Neither party will ever be the same. Take field trips. The bandwidth of the world is greater than that of your TV set, or the Internet, or even a totally immersive, interactive, dynamically rendered, object-oriented, real-time, computer graphic—simulated environment. Make mistakes faster. I think it belongs to Andy Grove.

Try to get as close as you can. When you forget the words, do what Ella did: make up something else … but not words.

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Explore the other edge. Great liberty exists when we avoid trying to run with the technological pack. Try using old-tech equipment made obsolete by an economic cycle but still rich with potential. Coffee breaks, cab rides, green rooms.

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Real growth often happens outside of where we intend it to, in the interstitial spaces — what Dr. Apparently it was hugely successful and spawned many ongoing collaborations. Avoid fields. Jump fences. Disciplinary boundaries and regulatory regimes are attempts to control the wilding of creative life. They are often understandable efforts to order what are manifold, complex, evolutionary processes.

Our job is to jump the fences and cross the fields. People visiting the studio often comment on how much we laugh. Growth is only possible as a product of history. Without memory, innovation is merely novelty. History gives growth a direction.

But a memory is never perfect. Every memory is a degraded or composite image of a previous moment or event.

It means that every memory is new, a partial construct different from its source, and, as such, a potential for growth itself. Power to the people. Play can only happen when people feel they have control over their lives. These are the deliverables for my Holiday Offsite during Christmas. And as with all offsites, "having fun" is more than an expectation -- it's a mandate. I'll be back to the blog soon And you are your projects. In this book, the authors contend businesses fail at creating customer loyalty because they mistakenly follow conventional marketing wisdom.

They also debunk over 50 commonly accepted loyalty marketing practices. However, the book does make you think. Promoters are customers who are willing to recommend the company to a friend. Reichheld contends companies no longer need to rely on expensive studies and complex statistical models to measure customer loyalty in hopes of increasing sales. Marketers need to ask more questions in order to know the underlying reasons why so they can develop specific action to increase a net promoter score. Any marketing research wonks wanna enlighten me? However, this information is extremely useful in understanding the role customer evangelists can play in whether or not a business succeeds or fails.

The game may be the same, but much of what surrounds it - Skycams, wireless communications, dome stadiums, ticket scanners - has changed.