Snow Falling in Moonlight: Odes in Praise of Dogens Shobogenzo

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And then there's the Cuke Basket. Personal writings from a life explored through Buddha Dharma and poetry. See cool Zen Monster release card. Genine Lentine - mattress talks.

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I see his Nepsis site with both art and writing is still there. Steve Frost cuke page. But the sites are dominated by his wonderful art. See his art. Check 'em out at Zen Lamp Books - ancient wisdom in modern verse. And don't forget Zen Monstor Vol. Check out the Zen Monster website.

Read the whole message. I farted. Fun for the whole family. If you buy the Shobogenzo , you also get a certificate wich makes you a zen master. It is best used as a companion that can help make sense of certain things.


He does a pretty good job at comparing multiple translations, but his bias is almost always towards Nishijima his teacher. Like OP, interested in if anybody has engaged with this book that frequents this place :. If you want a modern interpretation of Dogen's texts you could take a look at Tai Sheridan's work. His books are free in both Kindle and iBooks stores.

I can also recommend the Buddha in Blue Jeans series. They are delightful. It's a big book with some very dry parts and very Poetic ways of saying nothing. Confusing in a good way. I'm no good at "studying" my copy. Some people are. Either way, some sections are very lovely. It's actually pretty accurate since it's made later on and preserved well. When you want to grab it you have forgotten that your life is the flowing river and that you can only experience now.

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Everything that exists is an expression of time because it flows from not existing to hanging around to not existing again. When you are anxious about time you have probably forgotten to breathe relax let go of control. If you decide to live in cosmic time rather than in wrist watch time you will have a very big perspective. Your memory is a distortion of time because you begin to believe that the past is still real. Your wishes are a distortion of time because you begin to believe that the future is real.

Your thoughts about what is going on now are a distortion of time because they keep you from participating fully in right now. When you return to real time your clock registers zero and you are Truly Happy.

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Creativity Life is creative. When you are creative life flows through you. Creativity exists beyond good and bad two culprits that ruin natural creativity. True creativity is beyond compare. The less you compare the more you create in your own way which frees you to be spontaneous joyful alive and happy with whatever your make. Everybody is naturally creative.

Enjoying creativity without standards is True Happiness. Work Work is energy that is channeled into an activity. Life is work. All work is beneficial to you and to others. You are always working.

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It is because you are you. Sometimes it is altruistic sometimes it is just getting the job done. If you participate in your work without griping and if you stay connected to your joyful existence you can be Truly Happy. Your resistance to work is your resistance to being alive. There is no retirement there is only death.

Family You belong to family even if you are lonely and isolated which sadly is the big disease of modern society. You need your family and your family needs you. Even though families change shape through birth death separation you still belong completely When you accept all that has happened in your family experience the good the bad the ugly you can be Truly Happy. It is how you got to where you are today which is wonderful. The big True Family includes everyone and all things.

Solitude You live within yourself but are never alone. Being your own best friend means enjoying being with yourself in solitude. I hope you sit quietly a lot. Solitude is where you care for your inner life and the places that make you who you are. It is where you know and resolve things.

Shobogenzo Uji read aloud (audio only)

Solitude is where you make peace with living and dying. Solitude is where you are honest with yourself. When you participate in solitude regularly you can be Truly Happy. Nature Nature is life. Spending time close to nature is celebrating the wonder of existence. Nature is not something that can be conquered or completely understood.

The Dao Companion to Japanese Buddhist Philosophy

It will always be a mystery. You were conceived by parents but nature is the ultimate source of your existence. Being in love with nature is True Happiness. Love Big love is indiscriminate. It doesn't depend on a person or an object. You are Big Love.