Project Management In A Week: How To Manage A Project In Seven Simple Steps

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What is the efficiency rate of your schedule? You are the project manager and are preparing for your quarterly status update briefing with the project's financial backer. You have prepared some critical path information for inclusion in the status report, as depicted in the table below. ID Work Duration Standard Deviation 1 Construct 20 weeks 4 2 Install 16 weeks 3 3 Test 3 weeks 2 4 Deploy 2 weeks 1 You are anticipating questions from the financial backer and want to be prepared to answer them accurately.

You believe one of the questions will be on the subject of the probability of finishing the project within a range of estimates. If the financial backer asks you for a range of estimates of finishing the project with about a A team member privately informs you that a contractor is making unwelcome advances towards them. Since this is your first major project as a project manager you want to ensure that you handle the situation delicately.

The team member stated that they have repeatedly requested that the advances stop using very clear language with the vendor.

The team member does not want to upset the vendor due to the high visibility of the project. Which of the following is the best course of action to take first? As the project manager for the development of a new payroll system, you have many subject matter experts from many different industries working in your project. The change control board CCB will be meeting next week. Last week you were selected as the project manager for a new marketing project, with an international consulting organization.

You recently have identified your team and you're about to have a meeting regarding team behavior, team expectations, and notifying them of the objectives of the project. One team member suggests that a set of rules be written down so that everybody is aware of what is expected of them. Which of the following groups should develop these rules?

You are observing the project team conducting a quality tests on one of your major deliverables. This test is designed to measure the precision and accuracy of the deliverable's output and the team has charted the outcome in the graph below. The center point of the graph is the target measurement.

From the information on the chart below what is the best description of the deliverables output? The project sponsor has just asked you, the project manager, for a listing of when and how each of your staff is going to be released from the project. Which of the following documents will you present to the project sponsor to answer their question?

You are mentoring a new, junior project manager and they come to you with the question about the terms quality and grade. They are not quite sure they understand the difference between these two. Which of the following statements is true?

You have just recently taken over as project manager for a small commercial construction project. The previous project manager was not the best at completely documenting all information. Upon reviewing the documentation left to you by the previous project manager, you notice the following graph and it is labeled as the last known update to the project. The graph has no specific numbers assigned to each of the plot points and there is no supporting documentation.

Which of the following statements is true based upon this graph? You are in the middle of your project and are conducting your tenth project status meeting.

At each status meeting you request an update of the current work in progress, the status of any work completed since the last status meeting and a forecast of work is expected to be complete by the next status meeting. One of the team members, recently hired by the company and added to your team, believes that the way you requested updates is not possible, since the work that they do is "highly creative" and hard to measure in order to give the current status.

Which of the following methods of measurement for their work would be appropriate in this situation? You are a project manager and are currently involved in risk analysis.

Seven Essential Tips for Managing a Large Research Project

The team has identified all potential risks, prioritized them based upon their probability of occurrence and their impact to the project if they occurred. You're now looking at each risk and its impact the overall project objectives. The project sponsor has asked you to provide a contingency reserve figure by the end of the day. Since your organization's risk attitude is considered risk-neutral, you decide to multiply the probability by the actual impact of each risk. Which of the following techniques have you employed?

A vendor on your project has just completed their last deliverable. They are asking for payment for the invoice submitted to you. You state that the last deliverable did not meet all the requirements and approach the seller with this information. In the contract, there is a specific term used that means one thing in your industry and in something different in the general use of the term. The seller disputes the claim and you both agree to mediation.

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Which of the following carries more weight in this contract dispute? You're managing a new project with an organization that recently dealt with two major disasters on the previous two projects. The first disaster occurred because the requirements were not clear. The second disaster occurred because critical IT servers were not made redundant.

When a server disk drive crashed the system went down and caused major delays. The project sponsor has made it clear that they do not expect these types of problems to occur on your project, so it is imperative you consider strategies to manage these two particular risks. You decide to design in redundancy and employ a more stringent requirements gathering technique.

Seven Essential Tips for Managing a Large Research Project

Respectively, these two actions would be considered which of the following? You have been given the following information from your project team, and are now ready to develop the project schedule. You have a schedule constraint of finish no later than date Based upon the information in the table below, what is the project float?

You just completed developing the schedule for your project. You have set a tentative date for starting the project on March 1. Based upon the schedule, the project will be completed by December The project sponsor comes to you and says the project must be completed by December 1. Which of the following is not considered a schedule compression technique? You are heading a large international project for your organization. You been informed that this project will be one of the largest virtual teams ever assembled and managed in the history of the organization.

You find that you have a project sponsor in a different country along with 25 electrical engineers, three architects plus their staff, two mechanical engineers, and three maintenance experts. In order to ensure the project is done correctly, you schedule weekly meetings over the internet with software that allows the use of cameras. What is your biggest challenge when employing a virtual team? My Account.

Contact Us. What is Agile Methodology? My Account Contact Us PMP Practice Exam. To receive your FREE test answers and complete explanations please submit your contact information and agree to our privacy policy. Net present value. Present value. Benefit-cost ratio. Multi-objective programming. This is a requirement and will be documented in the requirements documentation. This is a deadline and will be documented in the project charter. This is a constraint and will be documented in the constraints log. This is a project requirement and is documented in the requirements documentation.

Allow the product since the vendor's company has provided the product on time. Allow the product this time, but asked the vendor for an explanation. Reject the product and insist the vendor provide the product within the allowable deviation. Document the low level of quality, allow the product to continue and work with the vendor to find a solution. Design, Site development, Infrastructure, Structure construction.

Approval, Design, Site construction, Building construction. Review the project charter to determine the project deadline.

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Go to the project sponsor and ask for more time to plan the project. Have the team begin work on the missing information. Ask the previous project manager to stay on for a few days to help you understand the team dynamics. Have the electrical and plumbing contractors work different shifts which will actually result in a shorter schedule, but the customer will not be able to talk to both contractors at the same time. Have the electrical and plumbing contractors develop "rules of engagement" on the job site, which could cause further schedule delays but results in a complete understanding of what is expected of each of them.

This course of action causes fewer disagreements and this is what the customer ultimately desires. Have the electrical and plumbing contractors work out their differences on the job site. Have the electrical and plumbing contractors sit with the customer and find out what they want. Their motivation is based upon: A. Integrated change control was not employed nor being performed. The previous project manager was not ensuring that scope validation was being done.