Progetto Felicità (Amigdala) (Italian Edition)

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Listening to your body is a positive way to apply intuition in life and stay true to yourself. I tune into my gut-feelings when I meet new people. I find that I get an impression quite quickly about them. This is a very useful life skill that can help us to avoid many problems in relating to others. Orloff talks about noticing what the body is sensing and the corresponding signals it sends us as an important part of developing intuition.

Our body will tell us if we are comfortable with a particular place, person or choice in life and if it is truly in our highest good. Have you had the experience of just knowing that a new job, house or relationship was right or not right? Recently, I was watching a British television show about people looking for a house in the country for a sea change. A young couple was looking at old farmhouses and when they went into the last house the husband expressed that he did not feel comfortable with the layout.

His wife liked the house but respected his reaction to it so the house was off the list for them. Many clients have shared with me their gut-feelings about these things. Sometimes they are surprised by their reactions, whether it is a positive reaction or negative. They may feel a sense of excitement and notice goosebumps or they may have a sense of anxiety or dread that they notice as a sinking feeling in the gut area.

At the start it can be helpful to journal your impressions. We talked earlier about noticing your thoughts. Sometimes a thought will pop into your mind out of the blue and hold special meaning; for example, my experience when looking for a new home of having a thought that was not characteristic of my usual ones.

Or, when conducting therapy, a thought might pop into my mind that is on a different track to the current discussion but turns out to be pivotal. I have noticed these thoughts have a different nature—it is almost as though I am witnessing them.

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I have also found that a solution to a problem I have been pondering over can come into my mind some time later. For reasons such as this, it is important to pay attention to thoughts that enter your mind that are a bit different to your usual ones. She recognized that he needed assistance and so changed her route and went immediately to their house. Her father was not well and their phone line had suddenly died. They could not believe it when Gia walked in and was able to help them!

Much more than documents.

Paying attention to and heading these flashes of insight is an important exercise for developing your intuition. Guidance through Meditation Mindfulness and meditation have been referred to in earlier chapters as an important step in developing intuition. We can extend this to applying intuition in your everyday life. Apart from practicing mindfulness or meditation each day, various teachers speak about asking for inner guidance in life through meditation.

This can be helpful when you are seeking answers or exploring different directions in life.

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Whenever accessing your intuition, it is important to have a process of clearing and grounding. The following meditation by Peirce involves a process of clearing and centering your focus, and grounding to the earth, as well as a sense of expansion. Become familiar with this process so that you can use it or something similar at the start of any meditation. When it comes to asking for inner guidance, Dr. She points out that the response might be delayed; for example, you might be wondering about an issue and sometime later you come across an answer—in a TV program or book, or someone you know says something related to it and the answer comes to you.

Sometimes we want assistance in making decisions.

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Music might come to you. Once you understand your responses, then you can ask for guidance in meditation.

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Another way to tap into intuition in our everyday life is to write. We talked earlier on about paying attention to our thoughts, feelings and sensations related to intuition and the usefulness of writing to heighten this awareness. You might keep a daily journal and record your experiences or reflect on life. You might want to make your journal special — perhaps by finding an attractive journal to use or decorating a notebook. According to Choquette, writing about this enables us to get in touch with our spirit.

Your journal is about you and your life, so I suggest reading your entry about what you love before you write in your journal each time, to open up your mind and spirit to joy and possibilities.

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Or consider doing a brief meditation before you write, clearing the mind and asking your intuition for guidance. Several authors refer to writing as a means of accessing everyday intuition, either through journaling or by asking specific questions and then responding to them. You could write the questions that you want to address at the top of the page. These might relate to past events, work, money or relationships.

Consider doing a short meditation and ask that you be guided by your intuition in your responses. Then go about answering the questions — trust what you write, just let the answers flow. You can ask about decisions in this way too.

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Some people ask the questions with their dominant hand and answer with their non-dominant hand as a way of accessing and developing the intuitive and creative part of the mind. Toggle navigation Home.


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