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Yeltsin underwent emergency quintuple heart bypass surgery in November , and remained in the hospital for months. However, his opponents allege that most of these funds were stolen by people from Yeltsin's circle and placed into foreign banks. In , a political and economic crisis emerged when Yeltsin's government defaulted on its debts, causing financial markets to panic and the rouble to collapse in the Russian financial crisis.

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Otherwise there will be a European war for sure and possibly a world war. In Stepashin's place, he appointed Vladimir Putin , relatively unknown at that time, and announced his wish to see Putin as his successor. In late , Yeltsin and U. President Bill Clinton openly disagreed on the war in Chechnya. At the November meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Clinton pointed his finger at Yeltsin and demanded he halt bombing attacks that had resulted in many civilian casualties.

Yeltsin immediately left the conference. In December, whilst visiting China to seek support on Chechnya, Yeltsin replied to Clinton's criticism of a Russian ultimatum to citizens of Grozny. He bluntly pronounced: "Yesterday, Clinton permitted himself to put pressure on Russia. It seems he has for a minute, for a second, for half a minute, forgotten that Russia has a full arsenal of nuclear weapons. He has forgotten about that.

On 15 May , Yeltsin survived another attempt of impeachment, this time by the democratic and communist opposition in the State Duma. None of these charges received the two-thirds majority of the Duma required to initiate the process of impeachment of the president. With Pavel Borodin as the Kremlin property manager, Swiss construction firm Mabetex was awarded many important Russian government contracts.

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Pacolli of bribing President Boris Yeltsin and his family members. Swiss authorities issued an international arrest warrant for Pavel Borodin, the official who managed the Kremlin's property empire. Pacolli confirmed in early-December that he had guaranteed five credit cards for Mr.

Yeltsin's wife, Naina, and two daughters, Tatyana and Yelena. President Putin's first decree as president was lifelong immunity from prosecution for Yeltsin. On 31 December , Yeltsin issued a televised resignation speech. What seemed simple to do proved to be excruciatingly difficult.

Yeltsin suffered from heart disease during his first term as President of the Russian Federation, probably continuing for the rest of his life. He is known to have suffered heart problems in March , just after being elected as a member of parliament. His death in was recorded as due to congestive heart failure. According to numerous reports, Yeltsin was alcohol dependent. The subject made headlines abroad during Yeltsin's visit to the U.

A report in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica , reprinted by Pravda , reported that Yeltsin often appeared drunk in public. His alleged alcoholism was also the subject of media discussion following his meeting with U. Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott following Clinton's inauguration in and an incident during a flight stop-over at Shannon Airport , Ireland, in September when the waiting Irish prime minister Albert Reynolds was told that Yeltsin was unwell and would not be leaving the aircraft.

Reynolds tried to make excuses for him in an effort to offset his own humiliation in vainly waiting outside the plane to meet him. Speaking to the media in March , Yeltsin's daughter Tatyana Yumasheva claimed that her father had suffered a heart attack on the flight from the United States to Moscow and was therefore not in a position to leave the plane.

According to former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Boris Nemtsov , the bizarre behavior of Yeltsin resulted from "strong drugs" given to him by Kremlin doctors, which were incompatible even with a small amount of alcohol. Yeltsin, in his memoirs, claimed no recollection of the event but did make a passing reference to the incident when he met Borg a year later at the World Circle Kabaddi Cup in Hamilton, Ontario , where the pair had been invited to present the trophy.

After Yeltsin's death, a Dutch neurosurgeon, Michiel Staal, said that his team had been secretly flown to Moscow to operate on Yeltsin in Yeltsin suffered from an unspecified neurological disorder that affected his sense of balance, causing him to wobble as if in a drunken state; the goal of the operation was to reduce the pain.

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Yeltsin's personal and health problems received a great deal of attention in the global press. As the years went on, he was often viewed as an increasingly drunk and unstable leader, rather than the inspiring figure he was once seen as. The possibility that he might die in office was often discussed. Starting in the last years of his presidential term, Yeltsin's primary residence was the Gorki-9 presidential dacha west of Moscow.

He made frequent stays at the nearby government sanatorium in Barvikha. Yeltsin maintained a low profile after his resignation, making almost no public statements or appearances. He criticized his successor in December for supporting the reintroduction of the Soviet-era national anthem. Yeltsin, together with Mikhail Gorbachev , publicly criticized Putin's plan as a step away from democracy in Russia and a return to the centrally-run political apparatus of the Soviet era.

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In September , Yeltsin underwent a hip operation in Moscow after breaking his femur in a fall while on holiday in the Italian island of Sardinia. Boris Yeltsin died of congestive heart failure [] [] on 23 April , aged Yeltsin was the first Russian head of state in years to be buried in a church ceremony, after Emperor Alexander III.

President Putin declared the day of his funeral a national day of mourning , with the nation's flags flown at half mast and all entertainment programs suspended for the day. A new democratic Russia was born during his time: a free, open and peaceful country. A state in which the power truly does belong to the people. Thanks to the will and direct initiative of President Boris Yeltsin a new constitution, one which declared human rights a supreme value, was adopted.

It gave people the opportunity to freely express their thoughts, to freely choose power in Russia, to realise their creative and entrepreneurial plans. This Constitution permitted us to begin building a truly effective Federation. We knew him as a brave and a warm-hearted, spiritual person.

Subjects of Nostalgia: Selling the Past

He was an upstanding and courageous national leader. And he was always very honest and frank while defending his position. For everything he tried to do and did do for the sake of Russia, for the sake of millions of Russians. And he invariably took upon himself, let it in his heart, all the trials and tribulations of Russia, peoples' difficulties and problems. Shortly after the news broke, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev issued a statement, saying: "I express my profoundest condolences to the family of the deceased, who had major deeds for the good of the country as well as serious mistakes behind him.

It was a tragic destiny. In the late s, Yeltsin told the Athens daily newspaper Kathimerini that "I regard myself as a social democrat", adding that "Those who still believe in communism are moving in the sphere of fantasy". Linking Yeltsin with "liberal Russian nationalism", [] Alfred B. Evans described Yeltsin as having "exerted a crucial influence on the development of Russian nationalism. By , it was obvious that this would not occur as the Ukrainian population favoured full independence.

Colton described Yeltsin as a man who "teemed with inner complexities", [] who exhibited both a "mathematical cast of mind" and a "taste for adventure".

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At university, he developed the habit of sleeping for only four hours at night. Yeltsin's favourite writer was Anton Chekhov. Doder and Branson noted that Yeltsin was "a hero for young Russians, a cult figure to those who were not necessarily anticommunists but who were filled with bitterness and apathy" from the Brezhnev years.

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Colton suggested that "Yeltsin leaves nobody indifferent. He needs to be understood if we are to understand the age we inhabit". In the years following his presidency, there was comparative little interest among biographers and historians in researching Yeltsin's life. In April , a new memorial to Yeltsin was dedicated in Moscow's Novodevichy cemetery , to mixed reactions. At the memorial service, a military chorus performed Russia's national anthem — an anthem that was changed shortly after the end of Yeltsin's term, to follow the music of the old Soviet anthem , with lyrics reflecting Russia's new status.

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RICHARD KAY: Secret diary of oligarch's last hours?

This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs ; the patronymic is Nikolayevich and the family name is Yeltsin. Naina Yeltsina m. Central institution membership. Other offices held. This article is part of a series about. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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