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Transform your interviewing skills and boost your career prospects.

Recruitment Interviewing Made Easy takes away the worry of the recruitment decision. It leads you step by step through the recruitment process, showing you best practice interview tips, ideas and approaches to build your interview skills and identify the right person for your role and avoid making costly mistakes.

The course uses video and downloadable material to really engage learners. You will be given assignments , activities and exercises to practice and hone your skills, and be supported by an expert trainer along with fellow students. There is a vast resource of material and support available online to candidates in their search for a job. Ironically, there is far less opportunity for the person who is conducting the interview. Frequently, the candidate is far better trained than the interviewer.

This often results in the 'tail wagging the dog' - the candidate being in control of the interview. They are not confident in their interview skills. This course has something for you.

Interview made Easy

This course comes with a day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to course material, including updates and additions. You will receive a certificate of completion on finishing the course. Courses can be accessed on computers, iOS devices and Android. Many of the biggest challenges in the recruitment process are hidden. This activity will start to explore what the big challenge is and how it impacts your decision making. What's your understanding of the recruitment process? Here are some key definitions of the recruitment process that focus on slightly different aspects.

They will help us start thinking about our meaning and start on us our learning journey.

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A short overview of the key stages of the process and what they entail. Many of these, such as knowledge of the job and knowledge of the person, have a crucial bearing on the preparation and delivery of an effective recruitment interview. Others, such as induction, are outside the scope of this course, yet it is useful to understand how each element of the process connects.

It is hard to imaging interviewing for a job that you know little about, and yet that is what many people do. You don't have to be an expert in the role, but understanding the job you are recruiting for is important. Having a clear idea about the key success measures and steps needed to achieve them makes conducting interviews smoother and identifying appropriate performance evidence easier. Investing a little time and effort in developing a good quality job description will bring benefits to the recruitment interview, the selection decision and even managing the performance of the successful applicant once they take up the position.

How to answer 14 common but tricky interview questions

In this lecture we look at some typical examples of job descriptions you may find in the marketplace. You will quickly get a sense of what is useful for the recruitment process and what is either window dressing or simply worthless. A well prepared job description can add a great deal of value to your recruitment process, as well as ongoing performance management.

This lecture includes an example of a performance focused job description. A good quality person specification underpins the whole recruitment process. Get that right and other stages become much easier. There are multiple recruitment sources available to attract a pool of suitable applicants. This is a brief look at the pro's and con's of the most common. The two key focus points are internal sources and external sources. When you are inundated with applications for your job vacancy, shortlisting candidates for interview can appear daunting and time consuming.

It doesn't have to be if you follow some simple rules. This lecture clarifies the role of the interview. Interviewing is still the most common recruitment method in use today. It's core function is all about evidence collection, but it is also an important opportunity for you to project a professional image of you and your business. People routinely talk about open and closed questions, but do they really know what they mean? How to make the best use of them? More importantly how aware are they of the need for a clear questioning strategy. This lecture will show you why a strong questioning strategy is vital to success.

Closed questions are used by all of us most of the time. Does that matter? In short, yes it does.

Recruitment Interviewing Essentials: Interviewing Made Easy | Udemy

Understanding the impact of closed questions in different situations will help you start to take control of the interview. How confident are you in your question habits? You might be surprised. This video shows you how to quickly test your habit and identify what could be improved.

This lecture reveals the inner thought processes that lead us to ask far too many closed questions, believing them to be open ones. Typically, we are testing our own answers rather than establishing the answers of the candidates. Specific questions tend to get specific answers. Sometimes that is useful and sometimes that can get in the way of being effective.

It may depend on your own preferred thinking style. This lecture identifies what specific questions are and how best to use them.

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Using too many leading questions is a common trap many interviewers fall into. If you are not careful, you have effectively interviewed yourself. If selected in more than one PSU then which should I join? Every candidate must understand the purpose of interview, which is simple they have to select an employee who has technical knowledge but also knows to handle practical situations. You may be strong on your technical part but the practical approach area is the area which is now to be focused.

Interviewers may ask simple definitions and they may also ask the application of read concept. Also, interview is not like the OMR sheet where you are given rough sheets to check your answer; in interview every word counts and you cannot afford to say even a single word wrong as in min you will not get chance to recover your mistake. This min of conversation decides whether you will be hired or not; so interview has to be taken very seriously.

Interview Guidance Course not only gives you strength in HR and technical areas but also focuses on improving your overall personality for the interview; the point when you greet them till you say thank you all eyes are on you and you will be judged on your every action. MADE EASY organises mock interviews, consisting of renowned and experienced panel members who are retired civil servants, professors and personality grooming experts with wide experience.

You can give mock interviews, implement the learnt tips, get rid of fear of interview and thereby boost your chance of getting selected in the final round. Weekly Interview Guidance Program at Delhi. Interview Guidance Program Fee Structure. To take admission in any of the course, it is mandatory to fill online registration form. After this, 3 different options are available for admission:.

Candidates, unable to reach the office in person, can take a printout of registration acknowledgment slip and send it along with the Demand Draft to the respective Centre.

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Complete the final registration by making the payment through any one of the following modes:. Home Courses. Interview Guidance Programme. There are many ways that personality and social skills can impact one's ability to be a good judge or interviewer. Some of the specific social skills good judges display are warmth, interest in engaging with others, and eye contact.

There is extant data which puts into question the value of job interviews as a tool for selecting employees. Where the aim of a job interview is ostensibly to choose a candidate who will perform well in the job role, other methods of selection provide greater predictive power and often lower costs.

As discussed previously, interviews with more structure are considered best practice, as they tend to result in much better decisions about who will be a good performing employee than interviews with less structure. Yet this is exactly what occurs in an unstructured interview; interviewers decide the number and content of questions, rate responses using whatever strategy they want e.

Thus, interviewers who do not consider at least a moderate amount of structure may make it hard for an organization's interview to effectively select candidates that best fit the work needs of the organization.