Halloween on Carroll Avenue (The Hauntings of Angeleno Heights Book 1)

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For my clients who were asking for a pic of me dressed up for the day of the dead Halloween land festival. Lady in the Blue George HOdel Dr. Kobus Jonker Droughts Dr. Miami Ghost Chronicles. Stories of the Supernatural Podcast S7. Stories of the Supernatural Podcast S6.


Stories of the Supernatural Podcast S5. Stories of the Supernatural Podcast S4. Stories of the Supernatural Podcast S3. Stories of the Supernatural Podcast S2. Stories of the Supernatural Podcast S1. Pinewood Cemetery. Brookdale Lodge. Ann's Retreat. West Virginia Penitentiary. Kreischer Mansion. The Black Monk There is a house in Yorkshire, England that for over 50 years has been the site of one of the most violent haunting in Europe. Many believe that its location which was but a stone's throw from where the town gallows once stood, is the source for the dark phantom that terrorized a family and refuses to be exorcised.

Number 30 East Drive, on the Chequerfields Estate, East Yorkshire, stood on a corner at the top of a hill, which is where Jean and Joe Pritchard, their son Philip, aged 15 and daughter Diane aged 12 moved to in Water pools, lights turning off and on again, furniture overturning, pictures being slashed, objects flying or levitating, knocking sounds, objects disappearing and appearing again, foul smells, farmyard noises, heavy breathing sounds, sudden drops of temperature, and a mysterious black-robed figure, whose appearances became more and more frequent were all reported at the house.

The police, a local MP and the vicar were all witness to the extraordinary happenings which continued to plague the household, and all attempts to exorcise the presence were unsuccessful and met with mockery. While alone in the house, Sarah felt a cold gust of wind, despite the warm weather outside. When Phillip re-entered the house, he noticed white powder falling from mid-air all around the living room, onto the floor. Their first assumption was that it was somehow falling from the ceiling, however it had only very recently been redecorated.

At this point the pair were more confused than scared, so Sarah went to consult her daughter, Marie Kelly, who lived just across the road. When Marie saw the white powder she went into the kitchen to get a cloth to clean it up and promptly slipped in a pool of water that had formed on the kitchen floor.

Numerous puddles of water began appearing on the kitchen floor. Luckenbach who was a businessman but was sold to philanthropist Kaspare Cohn. From to , Dr. Sarah Vasen, who was the first female doctor in Los Angeles, acted as superintendent.

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The hospital relocated to Boyle Heights in , which was the largest Jewish community in Los Angeles at the time. It relocated again in to Fountain Ave and was renamed Cedars of Lebanon. The Pinney House was built in for industrialist Henry L. He lived in the house until his death in at age Having lived there for over a century, Pinney had many stories to tell. Most of the homes we saw on our walking tour have been carefully preserved and renovated but there were a few that endured gross redecorating attempts. One was a Craftsman that had been stuccoed on the outside.

The community surrounding Carroll Avenue is mostly low income and regentrification has caused the prices of the Victorian Homes to rise. Nevertheless, the street is extremely popular during Halloween, which is no surprise.

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  8. The entire neighborhood goes all-out spooky! Visiting Los Angeles and want to find a unique walking tour? Click here. What a fun tour. I love that you have a monthly mission and are sharing with your readers. Too bad, for pictures there are cars parked in front but then again that means these are vital homes with occupants and of course I bet few have driveways or garages!

    At least all the utility lines are underground on Carroll Avenue. That helped. Thank you, I love seeing all these amazing homes. I have always been in love with old grey Victorians and then the painted ladies too.