Growing Vegetables is Fun!

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And no matter how many I plant, I never seem to have enough.

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Ground cherries are one of the best crops for a late summer and autumn harvest, yielding hundreds of marble-sized fruits tucked inside papery husks. The fruits have a sweet pineapple-vanilla flavor. For more information on unique vegetables to grow in your garden, check out my latest book, Veggie Garden Remix. Save Save. I live in N. In fact I will be putting your books on my Santa list. I want to do year round gardening, too. BTW, I have cousins that live in Halifax.

The Easiest Vegetables to Grow for Beginner Gardeners

His name was Ulrich Lankert. John Longard. I love KY… spent two years living in Louisville years ago — a beautiful state and such awesome folks.

Best of luck and keep me posted! Thanks for your quick response! I lived in Louisville too. I have a daughter and 4 grandchildren there now.

Gardening With Children: How to Make Growing Food Fun

This is because the material can freeze to the leaves causing damage. Salt is critical, though—it changes the flavor dramatically. Harvesting shoots also helps keep the plant under control! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Powered by Wordpress.

1. Bell Peppers

Growing vegetables with kids IS the best! BUT what are the best vegetables to grow with kids? Super Quick Radishes If you want quick results grow radishes.

BUT grandpas always will. AND growing gifts is so empowering for kids. Yummy Peas Even picky eaters — like mine! A big crop of peas needs some work. AND super cool with fancy male and female flowers. PLUS you can make chocolate cake from them! We grow courgettes every year. Fun Beans If your kids really struggle eating vegetables … … they can always grow a teepee out of them!

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  • 8 Fun Gardening Experiences to do with Children!
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  • Sounds a bit tricky. And my 8 year old has loved growing them. And they are brilliant way to explore how fungi as a very different type of plant grows. Winter Spuds Potatoes are another great winter vegetable kids can grow.

    They will literally grow in a bucket. They grow quickly.

    Growing Vegetable Gardens. Tips

    Tomatoes For Sauce Now I have to be honest. So do give them a go. Crunchy Carrots Carrots also get eaten lots in our house. Although, again they have a reputation for being tricky to grow. Now if you want totally perfect straight carrots, yes they are! Pumpkins For Halloween OK. My very final cool vegetable to grow with kids is the princely pumpkin! They do need early warmth which is trickier in the UK without a greenhouse. And your kids MUST do slug patrol.