Desire at Sundown: Taken by the Wolf (Paranormal Werewolf Erotica)

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Then he takes the secty to dinner and takes her out to the dance floor so that the paparazzi take pictures of them dancing. The secretary overhears dulcie in a high-end boutique talking smack, and she leaves Fosythe. Meanwhile, stevie is working on the secty's car but he wasn't finished with the brakes, and she takes it, and gets into a car accident. Sound familiar anyone? Dec 8, , pm. HI Suge, sorry I checked my books between ' I remember at least a similar storyline but am not quite sure. So if I have read it, it must have been from the library.

They just had HP's in the newer '90 design without the fine golden Line at the top. So my guess would be something between no. The setting in the book I read was England, is that correct?

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Suge, I have googled and googled, and can't find the book you're talking about I know! I've googled and did everything I could think of CC and came up blank. The book was set in Britain, those are always my favorite, because its like traveling for cheap.

Julia, girlfriend, I am sooo confused! Fosythe might just have an R in it! Jan 14, , pm. Finding old books is hard work, especially with a monthly series like Harlequin. Have you seen the site www.

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If you can't find anything else, maybe one of those titles might ring a bell? And good luck! Feb 6, , am. Okay, I have a "Name that Book" for you all. Something about the hero saving the heroine and her newborn baby who are stranded in the snow?

It's one I swear I came across in this forum and thought I had read it before, but decided I'd go back to it and check later, only now I can't find it. I would say I read the description of it either in this forum, or in something linked from this forum. It was a short story written by Linda Howard called Bluebird Winter. Thanks, bookbeat! That's it, and now I see that another book I was thinking of was Sarah's Child , which is slightly connected to Bluebird Winter.

It is? I didn't know that! Sarah's Child is one of my favorites. I'm going to have to go look for Bluebird Winter now! Feb 6, , pm. Apparently Almost Forever is slightly connected too, although I'm not sure how. The hero in Bluebird appears younger in Sarah's Child though according to an Amazon review. Is it the young neighbor who lived next door with his Mom and helped Sarah in the store?

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I can't remember his name, Derek maybe? Feb 21, , pm.

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I am looking for a book I read before I don't know the title or author. It is set in England near the Thames. In the beginning the heroine is a highwayman dressed as a boy and is in charge of a group of orphaned boys. She tries to rob a nobleman and he captures her and takes her to his home to be punished. When they go to spank her they figure out she is a she and he decides to keep her and train her to be a lady. In the end she ends up being or looking like someone important that they were looking for all along. Some other random things: I think she had her first "tub" bath and compared it to bathing in the Thames.

I believe she had long red hair.

I have read all the possible ones. I would love to find this book. I have been looking for more than 3 years now! Any help would be great! Feb 22, , am. Hi winnie, welcome to the group! Thanks Julia, but I don't think either of these are it by the descriptions. Feb 22, , pm. Feb 24, , pm. I looked at the description and I don't think that it is the book I am looking for. Looks like it is along the same lines though.

I'll get it and read it just to be sure.

Adaptations of Little Red Riding Hood

Any more ideas? Feb 25, , am. Winnie, can you remember anything else about the book? Anything at all?

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  5. Feb 25, , pm. Yeah I read Captain Jack's Woman not too long ago and that doesn't sound like a match. Winnie: wish I could help ya, but I don't know the book you're looking for. It sounds like a good read, though, so I'll be watching this thread to see what you find out. Good luck!

    Sorry, we did not find any matches for this search.

    Feb 26, , pm. CC, Let's see I read it when I was a teen so it was from sometime before about The robbery starts from like the the first page. She was young and virginal. He was maybe ish.

    Set in the regency era I believe. Sorry I don't remember anything else right now. Mar 4, , pm. Maybe someone here will remember this one: I read it in college, so it would have been published pre or so. It's a historical romance set in the crusades time period in England. The heroine has a brother I think maybe he's the one who ends up becoming friar tuck. The hero who is a knight of some sort and the heroine travel across country with her brother and some other people as a group. They're going to save some girl I think maybe, who turns out to be blind? I do remember that there's a bar brawl scene at one point.

    Sorry so vague, but it's been a long time since I read it. I remember really liking it though and I'd like to re-read it and maybe see if the author has written anything else. Apr 23, , pm. I dont remember if the woman was an actress.