Dein Wunsch sei mir Befehl (German Edition)

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Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, , Hamburg Phone : Number of parking space : Reynolds and first appeared in Augustine refers to this as one of the hymns of Ambrose, and Pope Coelestine expressly mentions the name of Ambrose at the Synod of Rome, Likewise, Faustus in his Epistola ad gratium diaconum, ca. It is also found in many hymnological works and in the breviaries of many nations.

It is not found, however, in the Roman Breviary, due possibly to an exaggerated ecclesiastic critical sense—snobbishness, which took offense at certain figurative expressions.

Mein Wunsch sei mir Befehl (German Edition)

Outside of Italy this stanza is commonly omitted. The German version of this hymn was rendered by Henrik von Laufenberg, a minister of Freiburg d. Of the latter, only one seems to be in common use, the version found in our Lutheran Hymnary rendered by W. The fourth and sixth stanzas of the original are here omitted. Landstad prepared a new translation consisting of four stanzas for his hymnary.

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It has not been definitely established that the melody for this hymn dates from the fourth century. It was printed together with this hymn in the Geystliche Gesangk-Buchleyn and in the Erfurt Enchiridion, Originally it had 6 stanzas. Later it was revised and abbreviated and was thus printed in a supplement to Hymns Ancient and Modern, It is very commonly used as the closing hymn of the evening service.

This was edited by his brother, Lord Glenelg. THE first stanza of this hymn was published , in J. Whether the entire hymn was written in that year or earlier is not certain. Franck published it in his Geistliches Sion, etc. Julian states:. This hymn is perhaps the finest of all German hymns for the Holy Communion.

It is an exhortation to the soul to arise and draw near to partake of the Heavenly Food and to meditate on the wonders of Heavenly Love, ending with a prayer for final reception at the Eternal Feast. It soon attained, and still retains, popularity in Germany in many German churches it is still the unvarying hymn at the celebration , was one of the first hymns translated into Malabar, and passed into English in Its modern form together with the beautiful melody was noted down from oral recitation in the province of Glaz, Silesia, and was printed in Schlesische Volkslieder, Leipzig, This version became the basis for our present English translation, which was rendered by Dr.

It was this hymn with its beautiful melody which inspired the poet B. Both text and tune are modern. Die Seligkeit zu finden;. Mein Herz allein Bedacht soll sein,. Sein Wort ist wahr, Sein Werk ist klar,. Die uns doch nichts erworben;. Hier ist der Mann, Der helfen kann,. Bei dem nie was verdorben! Uns wird das Heil Durch ihn zuteil,. Uns macht gerecht Der treue Knecht,. Ach sucht doch den, Lasst alles stehn,. Die ihr das Heil begehret! Er ist der Herr Und keiner mehr,.

Sucht ihn allein, Denn wohl wird sein. Dem, der ihn herzlich ehret. Sollst du, Herr Jesu, bleiben;. Lass mich doch nicht Von deinem Licht. Durch Eitelkeit vertreiben! Bleib du mein Preis, Dein Wort mich speis;. Wend von mir nicht Dein Angesicht,. Lass mich im Kreuz nicht zagen;. Hilf mir mein Leiden tragen. Dir ewig dort lobsagen!

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It had been written by him in He had composed the hymn for this occasion. Segne, Herr, mit deinem Geiste.

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Deinen Diener immerdar,. Dass den rechten Dienst er leiste. Sei sein Ziel zu aller Zeit. Ohne deinen Geist ihm fehlet. Alle Hilfe, Kraft und Wehr.

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Schenk ihm Weisheit und Verstand,. Der du Hirt und Helfer bist! Hilf, Herr Christ, ihm treulich weiden. Deines Worts, hilf ihm sie leiten,. Dass sie selig einst dich schaun. Die sein Amt bringt mit sich her;. We have been unable to determine the author of this 19th-century hymn. It became known in certain circles through the old German Lieder-Perlen, a Concordia Publishing House publication for use in our schools.

It is to be used at the installation of a teacher. The translator is Frederick W. See: Master of eager youth. The melody is taken from Geistreiches Gesangbuch, Darmstadt, Silent night! Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht! Nur das heilige hochheilige Paar,. Holder Knabe in lockigem Haar,. Hirten erst kundgemacht;. Durch der Engel Halleluja. Christ, der Retter, ist da! Gottes Sohn, o wie lacht. Christ, in deiner Geburt! This is one of the most popular Christmas carols in America. It was written by Joseph Mohr, in , for the Christmas celebration in his church that year.

According to Mr. Pastor Mohr and Gruber had been friends for a long time. Gruber was the organist and choirmaster in the neighboring village of Arnsdorf, and they often visited each other, usually for the purpose of singing hymns and sometimes, when other singers could be brought in, the more difficult motets.

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Pastor Mohr, pondering the thought of a perfect Christmas song, was called on Christmas Eve to the hut of a woodchopper whose wife had just borne a child. Face to face with the mystery of life, Pastor Mohr, after performing appropriate offices for the family, returned through the snow-drifts to his house and almost automatically began to write since that was the most effective way he could think of to give expression to his mood and his sensibilities.

Later in the day Gruber came to Oberndorf with the notes sketched in. It was then not more than half an hour before the Christmas services were to begin; but Pastor Mohr quickly assembled his choir, Herr Gruber sang the tune, they followed, and by the time the congregation had filled the church, they were ready to give it to the world.