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All around the tongue are openings to the salivary glands. Together, the tongue, teeth, and mouth comprise the oral cavity. The canine tongue has many distinct, complex functions it must perform. These are cranial nerves, and they originate from the base of the brain rather than from the spinal cord. The tip of the tongue gives him the ability to taste and lap water. The tongue also assists with chewing and swallowing.

Home remedies to get rid of black spots on the tongue

As air passes back and forth over the tongue when a dog pants, it cools down the body. Your dog uses his tongue to clean himself and lick sore spots on his body, as well as to clean up wounds or irritations on his body.

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Signs of a tongue problem can include a reluctance to eat, abnormal chewing motion, excessive drooling, a bloody discharge or a bad smell coming from the mouth. Inflammation of the tongue is called glossitis.


It can occur alone or in combination with stomatitis inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth , gingivitis inflammation of the gums , or cheilitis inflammation of the lips. There are a number of possible causes for inflammation of the tongue and mouth, including foreign body ingestion, exposure to toxic chemicals or plants, bacterial or viral infections, immune-mediated disease, metabolic disease, and nutritional disorders. Another tongue disorder is ulceration that occurs as a result of systemic diseases like kidney failure or cancer.

Ulcerations also develop in a strange, mysterious disease called eosinophilic stomatitis. The tongue is also a potential location for tumor growth. Unfortunately, most tumors of the tongue in dogs are malignant cancerous.

Another type of growth on the tongue of dogs is oral papillomatosis, which is caused by the papilloma virus. These growths are actually teeny tiny warts. They kind of resemble tiny cauliflower heads, and they can appear all over the oral cavity. Fortunately, the condition tends to subside or resolve on its own after several weeks. The cyst causes swelling to the point where the tongue can actually be pushed up towards the roof of the mouth or off to the side.

Dogs with this condition may have trouble eating, they may drool excessively, or show signs of a painful mouth. These dark areas are a result of microscopic melanin granules and are nothing to worry about. Often as a dog ages, these melanin areas tend to grow or change shape.

Black hairy tongue

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Causes of Black Tongue

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Black Spots on Tongue: Causes & Treatment | Colgate® Oral Care

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Hypertrophy of tongue papillae

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