Blind Corner (Richard Chandos)

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Blind Corner Richard Chandos. Dornford Yates. Publisher: House of Stratus , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. About the Author : Born Cecil William Mercer into a middle class Victorian family with many Victorian skeletons in the closet, including the conviction for embezzlement from a law firm and subsequent suicide of his great-uncle, Yates' parents somehow scraped together enough money to send him to Harrow. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

About AbeBooks. Mar 10, Dfordoom rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-mystery , spy-fiction. Dornford Yates was one of the most popular British authors of thrillers in the years between the two world wars. In fact Yates, Sapper and John Buchan he could be said to be the big three of the thriller genre at that period. All three authors are unjustly neglected today, Yates even more so than Sapper and Buchan. Blind Corner , published in , was the first of his thrillers featuring Richard Chandos.

A young Englishman named Richard Chando, by an accident of fate the kind that Dornford Yates was one of the most popular British authors of thrillers in the years between the two world wars. A young Englishman named Richard Chando, by an accident of fate the kind that happens so frequently in thrillers witnesses a murder while travelling in France. The murderer and his victim had been discussing a treasure that one of them apparently had information about.

He fails to report the matter to the police, presumably because he scents adventure in the offing.

BLIND CORNER - Definition and synonyms of blind corner in the English dictionary

On his return to England he has another chance encounter, but this one turns out not to be accidental at all. He meets Jonathan Mansel and through him discovers that the dead man was a British intelligence officer. This is not however going to be a spy thriller. The treasure had belonged to a nobleman in Austria who was literally a robber baron.

He had hidden his loot in a well on his estate and now several centuries later Mansel intends to find it. They are not the only ones hunting the treasure. The murderer has joined forces with a notorious criminal named Rose Noble, a particularly dangerous but extremely cunning man. The two gangs become involved in what is in effect a private war. Neither has any legal right to the treasure.

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Both gangs are now caught up in a race as they pursue the treasure from different directions, from within and from outside the castle. Blind Corner is slightly different in tone from most British thrillers of that age since the heroes are in fact engaging in activities that are in fact quite illegal, even if they are decent chaps and thoroughly brave and noble. Yates wrote about three dozen novels in various genres including eight Richard Chandos thrillers. This is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure yarn and well worth tracking down.

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Dec 22, John rated it it was ok Shelves: own. Jun 01, Tina rated it really liked it. Good old-fashioned Edwardian adventure--sometimes a little hard to follow the physical action, and very old-fashioned violence--but very engrossing. Jan 27, Bev rated it liked it Shelves: british-mystery , earlyth-c , mystery , vintage-mystery , set-in-austria , adventure , thriller , mount-tbr Richard Chandos is on holiday in France when he manages to witness a murder. Does he report it to the authorities? Of course not. Instead he runs up to the dying man, breathing the fire of the righteous, to tell the man that he will hunt the blighter down and get him.

But the man tells him not to bother--he just wants Richard to take care of his dog. And--since Richard admits that he overheard talk of a treasure--he tells him that if he looks in the dog's collar, he'll find that "she can pay for her keep. They discover a paper hidden in the dog's collar that gives instructions on how to find a great treasure.

Blind Corner

A treasure hidden on the grounds of an Austrian castle. Mansell is a great one for planning and soon the young men are kitted out with supplies and trusty servants and they take off for the continent.

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  7. But they aren't the only ones in the hunt. The murderer in France has joined up with the villain "Rose" Noble and his gang--and they are determined to have the treasure even if they have to kill six men to get it.

    Yates plays fast and loose with the "Boys Own Adventure" rules--Mansell and company have no problem with killing in a good cause and certainly don't mind running off with a treasure that doesn't really belong to them. They resort to dirty tricks draining the other side's auto's oil pan, for one in order to outwit their opponents and their cars have secret compartments for getting the loot past the customs officials.

    But it's all in the name of adventure--and, of course, having the good guys win out over the baddies. So, settle back, buckle up, and get ready for an adventurous ride. Not much mystery going on here and crime detection is out the window, but if you're in the mood for adventure, treasure-hunting, and a simple world where the good guys always win regardless of method. Then this great fun.

    First posted on my blog My Reader's Block. Please request permission before reposting. Sep 04, Wreade rated it liked it Shelves: s , pulps , detective , league-of-extraordinary-gentlemen. Pretty good adventure thriller. Almost feels like a YA book even though its characters are a bit older. Not great writing, i found it hard to understand the geography of certain situations, the descriptions were a bit muddled at times. Not much in the way of characterization but what little we do get is quite odd which was entertaining :lol.

    Our POV character is ordinary enough to connect with but there's also a retired military intelligence officer who acts as the Holmes to our protagonists Pretty good adventure thriller. Our POV character is ordinary enough to connect with but there's also a retired military intelligence officer who acts as the Holmes to our protagonists Watson. Some might consider the ending to be a bit anti-climactic but i liked it. I would have liked it more if i could picture everything clearly but there was that problem with the writing i mentioned earlier. Its not that there isn't a dramatic rush at the end its just not what you might be expecting.

    Overall, some morally questionable english derring-do, fast paced and not without its charm. Jun 02, Avril rated it really liked it Shelves: murdermostfoul. I read the books of his sister, O. Douglas, too. But Macdonald compares him to Buchan and Thirkell and I thought I should check out his comedies and thrillers. Yes, Yates is appallingly class-conscious. But now, reading this book 91 years after it was published, I can enjoy it as historical fiction.

    And as a historical thriller, in the style of Buchan, this book was a lot of fun. Aug 11, Jane Irish Nelson rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , mystery. More of an adventure than a traditional mystery. Finally on his way home, he overhears a threatening conversation, and actually witnesses a murder. The dying victim entrusts him with his dog and a valuable secret. This secret leads Chandos and two friends, Jonathan Mansel and George Hanbury on a treasure hunt in Austria, always trying to keep one step ahead of the opposition.

    Though exciting and More of an adventure than a traditional mystery. Though exciting and riveting, the writing style is at times somewhat wordy, but the book is still extremely enjoyable.