Asian Recipes - 50 Tasty & Easy Made Unique Exotic Recipes (With Images Of Each Dish And Chefs Note)

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The Indonesian dish not only includes the same ingredients all over the island, but it also packs in several layers of spice. Sweet spice from ginger, galangal, and lesser galangal. Earthy spice from fresh turmeric and black peppercorns. And fiery spice from loads of birdseye chilis. You can check out more Indonesian dishes here. Some call it a curry, some call it a soup.

But in Northern Thailand it achieves legendary status. A coconut milk and turmeric sauce cradles pillowy-soft cooked and crispy-fried egg noodles, giving a texture bite that most curries are missing. Fried shallots bring a hint of sweetness, fried chilis a hit of tempered spice. Where to Find It: This dish is a staple of Northern Thailand — good luck finding it in the south, or anywhere outside of the country. Poor Cambodia. But it has plenty to offer the hungry traveler, if only they knew where to look. And nothing is a better testament to the cuisine than Fish Amok.

Into all this spicy, earthy goodness, tart lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves create the perfect tart tang to cut through it. A little hint of chili a splash of coconut milk round everything out. Tossed into a banana leaf with freshwater white fish and steamed until done, it is perfection on a plate. Where to Find It: You will find this dish on menus all over Cambodia, no need to make a special trip for this one! This iconic noodle dish is served two ways: wet or dry. Both are excellent, but the dry version really speaks to my soul.

Thick, hearty wheat noodles are smothered in a just-fiery-enough caramelized chili sauce. This is then topped with seasoned minced pork, crispy fried shallots, dark and light soy sauce, and crispy-fried anchovies. Yes, anchovies. Many places also serve this with a poached or soft-boiled egg — break the yolk, shovel it down, and thank the universe that you are a human with tastebuds.

Where to Find It: The best place to find this is in Kuala Lumpur — there are several restaurants and food stalls in the markets that offer it. The dressing — what else? Fish sauce and shrimp paste are giving you briny savory flavors, chili brings the heat, lime loads up tartness, and a little palm sugar tempers all of it with some sweetness. Where to Find It: Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Note: It is perfectly acceptable to lick your fingers when the buns run out.

Where to Find It: There are several restaurants scattered throughout Singapore worth exploring — this post gives a good overview.

100 Persian Food Recipes To Try Before You Die – Persian Cookbook PDF

Another characteristic of Filipino food? Fortunately, crispy pata is one of the more tantalizing variations of this resourcefulness: a deep-fried pork knuckle. Where to Find It: The Filipinos are foodies — which means restaurants all over the major cities will offer this. Okay, I know I promised you the more obscure dishes in Asia. This beautiful mashup of French and Vietnamese cuisines results in nothing but wins for your tastebuds.

Start with a pillowy, fresh-baked baguette, cut in half. Pile on plenty of juicy, smoky barbecued pork. Top this with fresh julienned carrots, daikon, cucumber, and cilantro.


Then pop on a healthy amount of diced red chilies, sandwich it together, and get ready to get your mind blown. There are several variations of this throughout Vietnam, with chicken, egg, cheese, and more. The best part? Where to Find It: Almost anywhere you go will have a banh mi shop or street cart, but our Vietnamese Food Guide has several excellent suggestions throughout the country.

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Any plan to visit my country? You have a good taste. I could not agree more with your list. I think you need to go other city such as Surabaya, because Surabaya has a lot of authentic and delicious food. Hello sir, i really love to see your youtube channel.

Especially your natural happy face when you enjoy the many kinds of indonesian food. It really makes me proud as an indonesian because now i realize that we have plenty kind of dishes with amazing taste. Anyway sir, you have to come to my city , Malang. You can find many kind of indonesian food. Overall, I really enjoy your video, thanks for your incredible work sir. And for me it is one of most delicious food in the world.

Indian cuisine

The authentic of aceh resto is seulawah, very close from rumah makan surya, a padang resto that u visited in bendungan hilir, jakarta. Hats off to you! Hi Mark, It would be nice to have this guides in PDF from; I was try to print this page but I think there is something wrong with the formatting. I know at least two versions of Nasi Liwet. However, I am not sure where to find it in Jakarta. Nasi liwet sundanese style.

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You can find one in Pecenongan area near Martabak 65A. Thanks for the great guide!

Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe

As 2 years ago I decided to change from wintering in Thai-Isaan to wintering in Indonesia currently Bali , I can make some comments to some dishes. Pepes — these are quite popular and not only served in Sundanese restaurants.

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  6. I especially like the Pepes Ikan which may be completely different from restaurant to restaurant. Bebek Goreng — a question: did you also got it served without the breast? Ikan Goreng — as written the Gurami is the most popular. If you again come to Indonesia and order it, also try the large dorsal and anal fins with some sambal.

    Nasi Goreng — well, like for many westerners this is a favourite, for me at least if done well. Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih which you also mentioned is so famous for it, it made a whole page in a Germany weekly magazine. Bubur Ajam — other than in Thailand where Khao Tom Gai is a breakfast only dish, the Bubur Ajam is either Breakfast or more popular for dinner, smaller warungs serving it from morning to early evening, but also specialised restaurants serving nearly only Bubur with a lot of things to combine.

    Nasi Padang — in the Pesan version this is one of the best ways to eat with friends as there is so much variety on the table to choose from but still remaining quite on the economy side for a feast.

    Rawon — this is also one of my favourites. When I stayed at this hotel I never had dinner outside and tried a lot from the menu repeating the two best dishes at the last night and Rawon was one of them. One thing I was missing in your report was Atjar, the raw pickles served as side dish with a lot of soups. I always make them at home to snack them in front of the TV. Hello Mark. I just subscribed your channel these days and I always smile whenever you eat your food. Your happy smile while eating makes me feel like I eat what you ate.