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Look Inside. View Large Image. How does he or she deal with anger?

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Does your character keep it bottled up to explode later over something insignificant? Let it all out right at the moment and then move on? Never really get angry? Count to 10? React with fists or words?

What does it take to get a strong reaction from your character? What story might precede one of these closing lines? Maybe they could be used as opening lines, too.

Here are 365 Creative Writing Prompts to Inspire:

Do holiday festivals make you happy or do they bring back sad memories or do they do both? How do you deal with your holiday feelings?

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How do holidays affect your character? Think about makes you laugh. Do you have a favorite comedian or TV show or movie? What makes the person or program so funny? What kind of humor appeals to you? Witty repartee? What makes your character laugh? Why or why not? What makes your character stop and savor the moment? The taste of rich dark chocolate? What special memory or feeling is evoked? How can this change of pace enhance your story and let the reader know your character better? Think of things white. Choose one word to free write around and fill your white page with words: snow, teeth, clouds, wedding gowns, peonies and magnolias, paper, smoke, grubs ….

Think of veins.

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Choose one vein of thought and write what you imagine. If you only had one window to look out of for the next six months, what would you want to see on the other side? Describe the view. How would it change?

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Why did you choose this particular view? Do the same exercise for your character?

100 Writing Prompts

What did you learn? For fun, ask yourself, too! Think Indiana Jones and the snakes. Does your character prefer to be alone or with a lot of people? What benefits does your character derive from being in his favorite situation? How does he cope when he must experience the opposite? Think of placing your character in his least favorite setting and add another level of conflict to whatever else is happening in the scene.

Have you ever felt that you should have been born in a different decade? What draws you to this time? Write about what you would do on a typical day in your other decade. Use these bare bones lines of dialogue to create a scene between two people. Choose one sentence from the opening paragraph of the novel you are currently reading and use it to begin your story.

What food do you hate? Consider serving your character her most despised meal in a situation where she feels she actually has to eat it. What place have you always wanted to visit?

Spark an idea

What attracts you to this place? What do you wish you could experience there? What special quality does this film have that sets it apart from the rest? How can you add that special quality to your current writing project? Many mystery novelists hook readers with their expertise in a certain skill: gourmet cooking, knitting, quilting, showing dogs.

Do you have or know about a special skill that could add an extra dimension to your character? Get your creativity in gear with a dialogue challenge. Here are 6 lines of dialogue shared between two characters. Who are they? Where are they? Write the scene that you imagine. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep. Documented by scholars such as Joseph Campbell, this pattern has been worked into stories across cultures and millennia and is now a Hollywood favourite.

Check their sites for a detailed version of the journey structure. For a leaner version and a look at how it has been used in a couple of films you might know, see below.