12 Steps To Discovering The Power Within

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Transform Your Life

Step 3 : We made a conscious decision to turn our lives, our pain and our will over to the care of God and the leadership of Jesus Christ. Step 5 : We broke the power of shame by confessing to God and another human being the exact nature of our wrongs, the lies we believed and secrets we vowed to take to the grave. Step 6 : We humbly asked God to forgive our wrongdoings and, based on His forgiveness, chose to also forgive ourselves. We then forgave those who hurt us, releasing our bitterness and trusting God to bring about justice in His way and timing.

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  3. We admitted we were powerless over our addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable.

Step 7 : We admitted our shortcomings, pride, sinful tendencies and selfishness without excuse. We repented and asked God to replace our character defects with His character. Step 9 : We made specific and direct amends to those we have hurt whenever possible, except when to do so would further injure them or others who are innocent.

For such persons, we made specific and indirect amends. Step 10 : We entered an authentic relationship with God, learning to hear His voice and understand His will for our lives through Bible reading and personal interaction with the Holy Spirit.

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  • Step 12 : We committed to live authentically with others, taking responsibility for our attitudes, judgments, behaviors and boundaries. Realizing our own shortcomings, we offer the same grace to others that God has extended to us.

    As God gives opportunity, we will share our story of finding healing, freedom and purpose for life with others. Are you ready to unlock your freedom and get past your past?

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    It starts by taking an honest look at your baggage, finding the courage to let go and taking a positive step down a better path. I do not question the perfection of the universal design, nor do I question my placement in the continuous flow of events that make up the colors and textures of life. God as the Good Itself, or the voice of deep conscience. The hint of the infinite in the world of nature.


    The world as mirror of God in the negative sense. Other people as messengers, and the spirit of the tables.

    Chris S. and Doug M. - AA Speakers - "How to work AA's Twelve Steps"

    Learning to see God in the fabric of our daily lives. Our check-list for spiritual growth: resentment, self-pity, and fear.